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All began when Mr. Robert el-Khoury went to Italy and France. Attended several lectures, and training sessions concerning recycling of plastic. Fascinated with the processes ,he returned to Lebanon in 1988, determent to reduce pollution and protecting our natural resources through an idea concerning recycling.

So he founded a 60m2 factory to recycle all kinds of plastic material. Selecting letters of both his name and family the plast from plastic, the name Roky plast came to be.

In 1994 the factory expanded and cover 1,000 m2 but Mr. Robert’s dreams didn’t stop there.

By 2007 his vision came to reality. What was a 1,000m2 factory came to be 6000m2 and ROKYPLAST SAL was established. Through 2008 till 2011 Rokyplast sal expanded to reach a 12,000 m2. through these years it became a member in the Association of Lebanese Industrialists,

Now ROKYPLAST SAL is one of the most leading companies in  Lebanon for producing recycle and raw plastic material providing across locale area and overseas such as Italy, Greece, Africa…

In 2013 ROKYPLAST SAL became the sole agent in Lebanon for  IONIAN KALK S.A a greek company for mining and processing of amorphous calcium carbonate CaCO3

by 2015 ROKYPLAST SAL is proud to announce the ability to sustain more than 30,000 metric tons of yearly production capacity. at the end of 2016 Roky Plast introduced to the market its newly added product the caco3 compound and master batch. 







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